Golden Eagle
1925 Autumn Pheasantst
1921 Under The Holly Jay
1903 a haven of rest

Original Art, Prints and Proofs by Archibald Thorburn

Archibald Thorburn (1860 – 1935) is one of Britain’s best watercolour artists, particularly known for his pictures of birds and mammals placed in beautiful harmonious landscapes. His style of painting represented a step change in wildlife art around the turn of the century and the lifelike renderings of his subjects brought him early fame and fortune.

Not only did he produce a prolific number of original watercolours and grisailles, but contributed to scores of natural history books for authors, ornithologists and explorers of the day, also finding time to write and illustrate six of his own.

During his career he produced a large number of prints (the majority in partnership with publisher Baird Carter/Embleton) over 200 are catalogued in Waters, D. (2008) “Archibald Thorburn: Artist and Illustrator – The Prints and Proofs 1889 – 1934” soon to be published by Langford Press.